Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

BGB News - 4th Week of January 2021

This week, designers and long-time friends Isaac Vega (Dead of Winter, Forgotten Waters) and Lindsey Rode (Labyrinthos) announced the launch of their brand new entertainment company, Rose Gauntlet Entertainment. A company intended to release not just board games but also video games and RPGs, Rose Gauntlet is an outlet for storytelling. Here's a more full description of the idea behind the company from the Rose Gauntlet website:

"The vision behind Rose Gauntlet was created from two great needs they both felt were missing in their careers. The first need was to have complete freedom over their art, and to tell the stories that would reflect parts of who they were. The second need was to build a home for their community, that could foster a welcoming, engaging, and creative environment where people would be able to connect with others through a love of gaming. With Rose Gauntlet they hope to create a company that will build incredible worlds, tell lasting stories, welcome diverse communities, and give back to the next generation of gamers and creators."

Their first tabletop game that they've announced (slated to launch on Kickstarter in the 2nd quarter of 2021) is Keystone: North America. A strategy game inspired by a passion for wildlife conservation, Keystone is a game of careful card placement and planning. Not many details about the gameplay have been announced yet. We do know, however, that it is intended for 1 -4 players and has a listed playing time of 40 - 90 minutes,