KS - October 2020

Kickstarter Roundup

Launching October 1st

Lost in Jurassica

1 - 6 Players | 20 - 30 minutes

Lost in Jurassica is a survival card game with fighting, crafting and scavenging. You play as a visiting guest to Jurassica, an amazing island dinosaur resort. Unfortunately the dinosaurs have escaped, leaving you and your friends to fight for survival! Be the first player to win by finding power switches and restoring power to the park - all while scavenging for supplies and fighting

off dangerous dinosaurs with improvised weapons!

Launching October 6th

Frostpunk: The Board Game

1 - 4 Players | 120 - 150 minutes

Based on the video game by the creators of This War Of Mine – Frostpunk is a highly successful strategy-survival-city-builder that now comes to your table in the form of a board game! In Frostpunk: The Board Game, players will work together as the rulers of the last city on Earth. It is your duty to manage both its citizens and its infrastructure. What decisions will you make to ensure your society's survival?


2 Players | 15 - 30 minutes

"Passion governs, and she never governs wisely,” -- Benjamin Franklin, one of America's Founding Fathers.Yet ninety years later the very government that Franklin helped create disregarded his wisdom, and trampled the constitutional rights of its own citizens in order feed on what seemed an insatiable hunger for vengeance.You, as the prosecution or defense, must convince a 9-panel jury that Mary Surratt, one of eight people put on trial for conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln and other members of his cabinet, is guilty...or innocent.

Cartographers Heroes

1 - 100 Players | 30 - 45 minutes

The expedition to the Western Lands is the kind of honor that comes once in a lifetime for a royal cartographer. But these are dangerous times. War ravages the land, and you are sure to encounter Dragul forces determined to thwart Queen Gimnax’s plans for western expansion. Fortunately, brave heroes have risen to the defense of Nalos. Chart their deeds alongside the queen's edicts and secure your place in history.Cartographers Heroes is the sequel to the critically acclaimed map-drawing game Cartographers. It includes all-new map sheets, scoring cards, explore cards, and ambush cards with unique abilities.Cartographers Heroes can be played on its own or mixed with components from the original game for a greater variety of gameplay possibilities.

Crimson Woods

2 - 6 Players | 45 - 120 minutes

Crimson Woods is a co-operative survival horror game where you are trying to find an escape route out of camp before you fall victim to the killer or are lost in the woods forever! You and your fellow camp counselors will be searching the camp grounds for resources to escape and ultimately survive. The campsite is made up of a 36 tile modular board that will allow the killer to stalk you and inevitably pop up on your tile and attack you! You don't have to be the first to escape, just ESCAPE and you WIN!

Launching October 13th

Lost Ones

1 - 4 Players | 45 - 90 minutes

Lost Ones is a map tile exploration game set in a "Choose Your Own Path" story. The player

takes on the role of one of four available youths who have been kidnapped and taken to the Otherworld, home of the Fae. The game begins just as the player escapes captivity during a conflict between warring Fae factions and must now explore this magical realm of dreams to discover a way home. Besides solo play, there is a cooperative mode for 2-players where one player takes on the role of a powerful seer who helps guide the youth through her dreams.


2 Players | 30 minutes

TacTiki is an innovative board game with a strong memory aspect for two players, recommended for ages 10+ with an average game time of 30 minutes. Tactics and planning are the lifeblood of this game, which will fascinate and attract players from all over the world - all securely packed in a mysterious box... Make your way to the opposite side of the board and build a TAC or TIKI statue with 5 of your pieces on one of your opponent’s start fields. The first player to build a 5-high statue wins the game!

Launching October 16th

Radioactive Bees

2 - 4 Players | 45 minutes

In this post-apocalyptic tile stacking strategy game, mutant bees - one of the few surviving species - must feed on enriched uranium to produce honey. Bees with higher radiation exposure are more productive and valuable to the colony. Use your tiles to build honeycombs, increase your bees’ radioactive levels and maximize the number of points you earn to win the crown. 

Launching October 20th

Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game

1 - 5 Players | Game Length Unknown

Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game is a co-operative strategy game in which 1- 5 heroes race to protect their home city and its inhabitants from an onslaught of villainy from Baron Blade and his criminal cohorts. Each player must master their character's unique abilities to manage multiple crises throughout the city of Megalopolis. Assemble your friends to face standalone challenges, or mix it up and adventure through a series of campaign comics in which you will gain rewards ⁠— and new threats ⁠— each session. Immerse yourself in the world of Sentinel Comics and test your wits against a dastardly smart "A.I." in the newest evolution of the Defenders of the Realm series by Richard Launius.

Townsfolk Tussle

2 - 5 Players | 40 - 200 minutes

After the death of the beloved sheriff of Eureka Springs, Ruffians are coming in droves to take advantage of the defenseless town! It is up to you and your fellow townsfolk to wallop these troublemakers into oblivion. And who knows—if you play your cards right, you may just prove yourself worthy of becoming the new sheriff! Townsfolk Tussle is a co-op boss battler for 2-5 players. In each game, your goal is to take down four unique Ruffians, each one tougher than the last! You'll build up your townsfolk with gear, explore Eureka Springs, and concoct unique strategies to take down even more unique hoodlums.

Launching October 26th

The Mariana Trench

1 - 2 Players | 10 - 20 minutes

A game of deep-sea submarine exploration in the Mariana Trench. The goal of the game is to score the most research points (RPs) by researching deep-sea creatures and the floor of the trench. The game is played in alternating turns until your submarines run out of oxygen. The player with the highest amount of research points collected is the winner

Launching October 27th

B Movies

3 - 6 Players | 30 - 45 minutes

Gather around the table and start pitching and voting on the best B-Movies ideas! With multiple rules variants, you can always adjust the game to your liking as you create movie scenarios. Everyone can play, you just need wild imagination! Is your script good enough to become a cult classic? No dull moment with more than a hundred cards with unique and deeply thematic artwork! From Ghost Piranhas in Space to Time Travelling Brain Collectors, create your very own B-Movie scenario. Only one rule: be creative!

Sakura Arms: Yurina Box

2 Players | 10 - 20 minutes

Choose two goddesses and combine their powers to form your own unique deck. Challenge your opponent to a fast, tactical, elegant duel beneath the sakura. Sakura Arms is a stylish dueling card game from Japan that combines gorgeous art, deep tactics, and huge variety to minimalist duels. Setup is quick, play is simple, and the system of combining patron goddesses to build your deck provides unlimited variety. Level 99 Games has teamed up with Bakafire Party to bring an all new, English production of the legendary Sakura Arms. The new edition features an enhanced rulebook and tutorials, quick start setups for each goddess, and improved production quality.

Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

1 - 4 Players | 50 - 90 minutes

Endless Winter: Paleoamericans takes place in North America, around 10,000 BCE. Players guide the development of their tribes across several generations—from nomadic hunter-gatherers to prosperous tribal societies. Over the course of the game, tribes migrate and settle new lands, establish cultural traditions, hunt paleolithic megafauna, and build everlasting megalithic structures. Endless Winter is a euro-style game that combines worker placement and deck building in an innovative way.The game features a novel blend of interwoven systems and mechanisms, such as multi-use cards, area influence, tile placement, and set collection. Plus, there are many paths to victory to discover.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

3 - 8 Players | 20 - 60 minutes

In Trust Me, I'm a Superhero, you’re a rag-tag group of super-ish heroes who have been left to deal with the cities’ minor disturbances now that all the major stuff has been cleaned up by the A-Team who have since left to pursue loftier rescues. Your Citizen sends Calls for Help to the superhero helpline, and it is up to you to best deal with anything that pops up…But, little did the A-Team know that something big is about to hit town…

Launching October 31st

The Warp

2 - 6 Players | 90 - 180 minutes

The Warp is a fast-paced 4X board game for 2 to 6 players. After 5 years of cataclysms and revolts, you take command of one of the remaining colonies on the forsaken planet Yortar. You can choose 2 of the 16 unique asymmetrical alien races and lead your colony along the path of prosperity, progress and/or conquest. You might even conquer the abandoned warp gate and find out who was behind the events that lead to the global catastrophe. On your journey you will face rival colonies, the unstable wastelands and exiled races with shifting allegiances.

The game features 66 different missions, allowing players to choose their own playstyle. The core mechanisms incorporate area control, card/resource management and euro engine building. Next to a dynamic dice system, the combat system features bluffing and bribing mechanisms. The Warp also contains a team mode that can be played in 2vs2 and 2vs2vs2.

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