The Board Game Bulletin

Volume 08   |   October 2020


Michael Bonet

Meet the host of Who, What, Why?, an interview-style podcast all about game design.

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Patron Exclusive
Behind the Design
This month, best-selling author and game designer Joe Slack walks
us through the design of Matt Leacock's co-op classic, Pandemic.

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Previews & Unboxings

Fry Thief

This is a game of poor life choices. Like that time you tried to eat healthy and ordered a salad and your friend ordered a burger and fries.

The Cinemeeple.png

Nathan John

  • YouTube


Monthly Gaming Photos from Imagine All The Meeple

Imagine All The Meeple.png

Todd Patriquin

Fun & Games

How many of the following games can you recognize? Swipe through each puzzle

until you know the solution. Then, tell us how many stars you were able to get and

if you can spot the common thread between these games in the comments below!