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The Board Game Bulletin

Volume 09   |   November 2020



Designers of the board game, Chai, Dan & Conie Kazmaier
Daniel & Connie Kazmaier

The husband & wife design team behind Chai talk about lessons learned from their $200,000 return to Kickstarter...

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Patron Exclusive

A look at the behind the scenes of Cameron Art Games for backers of our Patreon. See our games in progress, what's coming in future issues of the magazine, and more...

Patron Exclusive
Behind the Design
This month, best-selling author and game designer Joe Slack walks 
us through the design of the elegant engine-building game Splendor.

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Previews & Unboxings

Cover of Stonemaier Games' My Little Scythe board game
My Little Scythe
Conqueror Board Game: Overview Photo
Conqueror: Final Conquest
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Nathan John

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