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Volume 12 | March 2021



Emerson Matsuuchi



This month, we talked with designer Emerson Matsuuchi about his process behind crafting the intermixable Century Trilogy...

Semi Co-Op

Creator Spotlight

Meet the couple behind Semi Co-Op, an online webcomic exploring the humorous nuances of being addicted to board games.

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Behind The Design

This month, best-selling author and game designer Joe Slack walks us through the push-your-luck game, Quacks of Quedlinburg.

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Food and Flower

"Swatch is a game where every turn and every decision feels like an important one..."

Food and Flower

"Aroma feels incredibly unique... it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do."

Food and Flower

"If you enjoy trick-taking games... you'll definitely enjoy Snakes & Hawks!"



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